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  • The Reunion

    The Reunion

    The movie revolves around four young men who are friends since high school. Several years later, they decided to meet once again. They have come to know that each other has a feeling of not moving on with their lives because of a wrong they did way back high school. Now, they are in the journey of finding the true meaning of love and happiness as they reunite once again. Will they discover the true meaning of love and happiness […]

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  • My Kuya’s Wedding

    My Kuya’s Wedding

    Inseparable as siblings, Jeff (Ryan Agoncillo) and Kat (Maja Salvador) grew up very close to each other through thick and thin. Kat being overzealous and very wary of girls who like her brother Jeff. Her kuya (brother) simply means the world to her. Years later, Kat is all grown-up and lovely, and soon awaits her kuya’s return after four years of hard work from abroad. But all this excitement of a reunion is foiled at the airport upon sight of […]

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