A Secret Affair

Rafi (Anne Curtis) is happily committed to her lovely partner in life, Anton (Derek Ramsay). She’s a bachelorette from a rich family, who belongs to the “Friday Club”, the regular get-together of her college friends. Rafi is an attention-getter because of her in and out beauty and impressive credentials. But one day, a major life decision shifts everyone’s impression of her. Sam (Andi Eigenmann), a rebellious, carefree and happy-go-lucky woman, who thinks that she can get away with her every dilemma. However, her perspectives turn 180 degrees when she meets the man who unexpectedly changes her life.



  1. rimmar creus says:

    sana pati mga darating na MMFF 2012 maupload din sana lahat

  2. ROSE says:

    Ganda.. Daming Lesson Na Matutunan.. Pero Para Saken Mas Maganda Pa Din Yung NO OTHER WOMAN.. Mas maganda sya, bongga kasi yung bakbakan ni anne and cristine dun eh.

  3. abby says:

    nice movie so much………………i hope theres a park two!tnxz so much………

  4. justin caiga says:

    premyado, bagong pasabog mga linya na kaabang abang… magaling na aktor at aktress… anu pa bang hahanapin… great job Anne

  5. Love to watch this movie…

  6. Janeth Brez says:

    bakit ang mga tao na bobonggahan kay anne…feeling ko lang to sorry guys sa mga nag mamahal kay anne…napaka feeler ni anne na parang lahat ng tao gusto siya…gusto niya pag na sa showtime siya ang bida…gusto niya nasakanya ang attention…makapag suot ng damit akala mong pupunta ng night club…sexy lang siya pero wag siya maging feeler no..oo alam ko it’s her job..pero not to be feeler..its crazy……………………………..

  7. armie says:

    nice movie….. alot of things to learn…

  8. reynajoy says:

    ang galing namn ni anne curtis at si derek ramsay it so nice i love it talaga :)

  9. angel says:

    ok yung movie, but for me mas maganda pa yung my neighbors wife dito..

  10. luna says:

    ok yung movie, but for me mas maganda pa yung my neighbors wife dito..

  11. jhay says:

    this story so real…no poor or rich…its always happened to anyone….all we need to do is to think what we need to do for this kind of trial and pray of course…..

  12. jhay says:

    and one thing…this story was so nice…its great to watch this….keep up the good work sa lahat na gumanap ng mga character….

  13. florence says:

    hahay sarap tlga ng crush ko si derek ramsay..mwuah !!! ganda ng mga movie

  14. florence says:

    bitchdin, putang ina mo ha wag mo ganyanin idol ko tlga natural yan sa kanya na maarte ndi tulad mo n nakakabanat lang dito dhil dika kilala plastic ka bobo!!!atleast si anne kahit maarte totoong tao ndi gaya mo wala kana ngan carrer lakas mo pa manlait kay anne sya artista ikaw katulong lang!!!fuck u bitch ka! tama lang yan name mo bagay sau ikaw pokpok dyn dahil hilig mo sa porn amerikano yuck ka!!! hahaha

  15. baby syako says:

    nice movie,all of the cast was great in their act.
    and for bitchdin inggit ka lang baka nga ikaw di mo kaya umarte ng ganun noh! mas kainis ka kesa kay anne.hahahhahh kunero! bakerro!!!

  16. mariz says:

    Perfect ang cast at the best ang script. Thumbs up to the cast and crew, you did a good job guys!

  17. Elle says:

    I have not watched a Filipino movie in maybe over 10 years and never a fan of it. I just didn’t like the way they act and the stories are so so. This story is nothing great but well acted. Cheers to the cast – very believable acting. Derek is great. I look forward to seeing him in better written storylines.

    To the writers, please write stories with worthy roles for women. Show filipino women with substance and stop depicting them like little girls just looking for someone to support them.

  18. mina says:

    all the cast is great,love anne an direk but the story is totally nonsense;)

  19. bubbles says:

    Well it’s much nicer than what I expected it to be. I really love anne’s performance :P

  20. ARIS says:

    Thank you for uploading maganda ang istorya. Kaya lang nag nose bleed ako, halos english lahat ang salita, dapat yata english movie to hindi tagalog. Pero kung ako si Anton si Sam na lang pipiliin ko, ganda ganda kaya ni sam, my bendita girl.

  21. gabrielle says:

    hindi bagay c jacklyn jose na mayaman..

  22. evelynlamis says:

    nice story mas maganda sana if nagkatuluyan sila…

  23. may"al says:

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,,grabeeeeeeeeeeeeee tlaga.. kakailove…

  24. tin says:

    ganda! well am not surprised, galing kasi ng casts lalo na c anne curtis! the best tlga..and andi did great as well..nakakatuwa c jacklyn hehehe..more movies and teleseryes to come anne!

  25. ecalpito says:

    nakakainis naman putol dq mapanood ng buo.

  26. ayin says:

    pano matatangal ung tumutunog ung binbasag na iphone? di ko na maintindhan pinapanuod ko sa ingay :(

  27. Leonora says:

    Ang gagaling talaga nila mag act.Very very nice!nice movie too.

  28. jemma says:

    hmmm super hot ni andi at anne..ang ganda..

  29. Arlene says:

    wow very nice!

  30. khim says:

    grabe i love anne’s lingerie!..

  31. ano ang maipaglilingkod ko says:

    isa sa pinaka walang kwenta..say good to a happy endings..pero saludo sa lahat ng casts..galing nila lahat..panget lng ng ending..

  32. rhey says:

    ganda ng movie na to sana may part two

  33. Santiago says:

    Who ever that bitch think Anne Curtis is a “feeler” must be a lonely hater who cannot differentiate a woman with true class and kindness! Anne Curtis is one of the show biz personality that I have the utmost respect! She is a genuine person with a good loving soul! I own a talent and modeling agency in the U.S. and I have the credential to properly judge a person based on my 18 years of experience in this field, working with different types of people and I dare say, “Anne Curtis” is a class A individual that deserves all the glory and praise! I am so PROUD that Anne (even if she is half Australian) represent our country so beautifully! Who ever you are… You can die with envy cuz YOU are nothing but a lonely, pathetic hater who wishes you are ANNE CURTIS!!!

  34. exia choi says:

    ang ganda talga ni ann ….. ang ganda tlaga ..

  35. catchee says:

    very realistic. i can relate actually coz it happened to us. only im not a runaway bride to be and our ending was different. we gave our relationship another chance. he chose me. i forgive and accepted him again. now we’re happy together. we got married. i prayed for this. that’s my secret-God is always in our midst.

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