Akala Mo

Rizette is a lady guard who is hopelessly in love with Eric, one of the tenants in the condominium where she is stationed. For the longest time, she has fantasized that he will love her back. But when Eric’s life was endangered, Rizette risked hers to save her knight in shining armor. Because of this, things were not the same between them anymore. But will it be a happy ending for them?



  1. kilig nmn ako..thx, nice movie’thx a lot godbless

  2. Lisa macalalag says:

    Bakit di gumagana sa ipad itong movie? Sana gumana naman

  3. lyn conoy says:

    ang ganda thanks

  4. Elizabeth Ghayour says:

    wow ang ganda ng film at yung kanta!!!

  5. jean jupio says:

    grabe ganda walang cut,,,kilig talaga me thanks sa pinoy movie

  6. baby syako says:

    ang ganda.thanks po.
    sana dagdadagan nyo pa ang romance movie,yung kay richard guttierez.thanks po uli.

  7. ecalpito says:

    Ang ganda ng movie na ito..salamat..

  8. judy tamondong says:

    medyo boring…..kalahati lang po napanood ko…di ko n tinapos….sori po s Judinians…

  9. Lorn Constantine Second Duke of Corinth says:

    Very Nice Movie ,, enjoying Pinoy movies ,, hehe learned some from my mum

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