And I Love You So

Widowed after just a few months of marriage, preschool teacher Lara (Bea Alonzo) finds herself inconsolable over the loss of her husband, Oliver (Derek Ramsay). She’s also falling into debt, and her dream of opening her own preschool is slipping away. Only when she meets club DJ Chris (Sam Milby) does Lara feel any joy returning to her life. Devotion to her late husband, however, prevents her from any thoughts of romance — at first.



  1. leah says:

    hindi nakakasawang ulit uliting panoorin! thank you for finally posting this movie!

  2. lene says:

    gud story..

  3. Emy Danielle says:

    Great love story…

  4. charito says:

    good story.

  5. coney says:

    first time i watch this movie & i like the story. may happen to real life..

  6. ginalyn says:

    nka2kilig,ang sarap ulit-ulitin,ang gwpo n sam,ang gnda at sexy n bea,i wish my movie ulit n mgksama cla……i luv it!!!!!!!

  7. lian18 says:

    lupet,..gling tlga grbe,…….

  8. imelda says:

    ang ganda…

  9. cel says:

    wow very good movie!!thank you for sharing this,,,,,,

  10. leeza says:

    please add english subtitles to this movie. i luv this movie so muchhh!! but can’t understand coz i’m from malaysia. tq.

  11. shanna crystal says:

    ,,wow!! da best tlaga pag c bea, mnsan lng aq mpluha ahh,, pro ngawa nya.. wow!! :))

  12. eliza body says:

    super ganda slamat sa pagupload,,,

  13. caroline says:

    kakaiyak….sana someday i would also the man that is right for me

  14. Rose says:

    Great Movie ^_^

  15. marla says:

    ganda ng story.. gusto ko sya ulitin uli,,,

  16. yokochang says:

    love the story…bea and sam are so cute together…….

  17. song bird says:

    nakakakilig :-)

  18. karen says:

    Great movie.. I really love it.. ang tagal kong hinanap nito,, My tears are keep on falling for almost all the scene..

  19. TINA says:

    i love this….wow grabe napaiyak n naman ako

  20. Wanie says:

    hi.. I love this movie but.. can anybody put subtitles to this movie… please..

  21. jaren says:

    blah blah blah

  22. shaem says:

    i really love this movie

  23. perl says:

    napakatouching ng story…thank you so much for uploading..keep it up!!!

  24. flordiliza formoso says:

    very nice movie love it….

  25. em em says:

    great story :))

  26. Mary Grace Marata Pagat says:

    Very Very nice movie! I like it so much……..

  27. angie says:

    bakit po wala n dna mpanuod..pki upload po uli pls…tnx!

  28. roselyn arevao says:

    wala nmn sounds,,,paaki ayus nmn poh thnks,,

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