Meagan (Jennylyn Mercado) is barred from seeing Cholo (Mark Herras), whose father had a hand in killing hers. And more than a century ago, Crisanto (Dingdong Dantes) and Milagros (Iza Calzado) also fell in love, despite their feuding families. Do the four young lovers have some kind of cosmic connection? Intoxicating yet harrowing, these twin tales of forbidden romance set in the Philippines prove that love can transcend time, if you let it.



  1. lexy says:

    ang ganda2 thank u po ng marami sa pag share…paki upload po ng honey my love so sweet ni dingdong and antonette pls

  2. jovie says:

    it’s really nice movie. sure you’ll learn a lot of matters, that will help you recognize what is a real faith and love.again ,thanks for sharing !!!

  3. browneyedgirl says:

    I love this website thank you for sharing it… :)

  4. browneyedgirl says:

    Thank you for posting this movie “ETERNITY” it reminds me of my boyfriend that had passed away 3yrs ago he used to say to me his love for me is eternity ;( i miss him so much and I know we will see again in another life and death can’t keep us apart. he might be gone for now… but someday once again we will be together forever… I miss you my ANGEL.. <3 <3 <3 my love for u is ETERNITY..<3<3<3

  5. lara manaois says:

    ang ganda po nito salamat po sa nag post

  6. idzhihar says:

    beautiful..hope this movie got an award….thnx for the one who posted this…

  7. khayetots says:

    T_T hayssss ang ganda tlga ..

  8. Joy B says:

    It’s so inspiring!!!! and beautiful casting.

  9. Anicia says:

    ’till death do us ‘parth..nice movie…can you tell me the end it..thank you..

  10. caila says:

    Di ko alam kung bakit pero napaiyak ako sa movie na to. Huhu. Kakainspire ung love story nina Crisanto at Milagros.

  11. Gerty says:

    Thanks so much… so beautiful …LOVE story. So touchin…promises a lot…givin’hope.

  12. merdan says:

    idol ko talaga to…tnhz ….ang galing nyo….

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