Forever And A Day

Eugene (Sam Milby) arrives in Bukidnon with only one intention: to forget his problems at work. But when he meets Raffy (KC Concepcion) and as they travel and go on ridiculous and death-defying activities together, they start to form a friendship that goes beyond Euge’s original plan. Raffy helps Euge appreciate himself more and to look at things in a positive way. With Raffy, Euge begins to believe in himself again. Soon, against his own expectations, he admits to himself that has fallen in love with this girl.



  1. jo says:

    Thanks! ang daming luhang tumulo… sobra.. appreciate sa nag-upload…

  2. nancy villanueva says:

    very sad film! but i can relate to it! cause my bf died with lymphoma cancer, he is only stage one
    but he died with complication, we did not say our good bye as we though his going to make it!
    his suppose to have 99 % to survive! but his gone a year on November!
    this film reminds me of how important life is and how to appreciate what you have!
    my heart ache and crying while i was watching! x

  3. TINA says:


  4. aileen says:

    thanks….very hard to let go,but sure with god’s intervention,we can always make it….

  5. sally oplimo says:


  6. grabe…. naubos ang lahat ng luha ko…2 thumps up kc and sam

  7. smile21 says:

    it’s very nice movie ever and it is a good story…. very clean and very nice place of shooting.

  8. elizabeth says:

    thanks a lot uploader… wow graveeng luha,,,,,,ang galing talaga,,at madaming lessons pa!!!!

  9. delaila says:

    grabe naubos lahat ng luha ko,pinipigilan kong wag maiyak,pero na iyak parin ako sobrang sakit,ang galing galing ni sam at kc.god bless you more..

  10. abby says:

    sna nmn yn kc and chard n wen i meet u…like me

  11. nynpark says:

    thanks, such a great and inspiring movie…..more power!!!

  12. jaja says: sobrang sakit, ndi mo mapigilang umiyak..lalo na ung mag-reminisce ng moments nio together. i will surely remember this movie. lesson learned! ♥

  13. ennamra says:

    Ganda nga talaga sobra,.nakakadala ung story nya…galing nyo kc and sam,,ganda ng chemistry nyo 2..
    sarap panoorin kahit sinipon ako sa pagiyak…Thanks to the uploader..

  14. berlyn anne says:

    great movie,,very touching. naiyak aq ang galing nyo kc and sam!

  15. berlyn anne says:

    great movie,,very touching! grabe naiyak aq,ang galing ni kc at sam..!

  16. berlyn anne says:

    @ wena, kelangan mong mapanood to. sobrang ganda grabe!

  17. rochelle says:

    so beautiful movie looks like a walk to remember i really like it… is so important to all of us specially the one who loves us….mmmmmive craying…i hope to produce like same w/this movie again

  18. kimy says:

    what a great movie! grabeh d ko mapigilan ung luha ko! bagay din ung team up nina sam & kc. starcinema next movie for them pls!

  19. angel bernal says:

    super nakakaiyak nga xa sna pag my nagmahal din skin ganyan xa kaalaga:)

  20. debz says:

    super duper like it…grabeh! ganda nil a ni sam at kc…sana my next movie cal…tnx.tnx

  21. debz says:

    bagay ang love team nina sam at kc…plzzz,gawa pa kayo ng movie…

  22. soy says:

    Great movie..ang galling ni Sam and Kc..They touch so much my heart and life..God Bless them all..Thanks..

  23. yolly luar says:

    Once again ,Thank po sa nag down load ng mga beautiful movies,

  24. lenlen says:

    i like it,,, muntik ng maubos luha ko

  25. belle says:

    naiyak ako sobra…nice movie! thankz sa nag upload..

  26. kang says:

    parang same ang story sa a walk to remember….

  27. rhea says:

    the movie was so good…… letting go is really hard but we have to accept the reality

    life is too beautiful for us to waste

  28. john says:

    sobrang ganda ng movie na toh …… inspirational movies 2 thumps up…

  29. she says:

    i remember.. my tita far away this month of may.. same reason, cancer.. but its cancer to the bone.. I see the sadness into the face of her family, relatives and friends na naiwan but, what will we do??? every body will come to our day!! when i watch this movie.. i feel so very sad.. kung ako ung maiiwan of the people i love.. i dont know what should i do.. so.. in this movie.. Euge.. your brave and your so strong to face the reality!! inspiring!! so nice.. so meaningful.. so touchable.. thx.

  30. abas says:

    This really made me cry. I have learned a lot from this story, some things are meant to let go.

  31. mharjie says:

    nice… memories will stay… forever!!!

  32. jo says:

    nice movie,magaling si kc at sam

  33. mitch says:

    so sad love story…when the woman died at the end i just ask my self if this will also going to happen with me… is he still going to cry for me like what adik did when i suffered chest pain? he will also going to stay with me until the end of my last breathe? the woman is still lucky because she died where his bf is still on her side…but me if i will be attack now,no one will going to get worry because he’s not with me now already:’(….. thats why since i still have remaining time i wont stop on telling him how much i love him,on reminding him how much i cared….and in telling him that i am not going to stop on loving him. thanks for everything baby and i hope one day u’ll forgive me.. thanks for this touching movie.

  34. angel says:

    saan pong lugar tong pinuntahan nila na resort???or adventure place….

  35. john says:

    ilan beses ko na toh inuulit ulit pinapanood im still touching this movie….im a man but im still cried of this movie….tlaga nagbigay ito ng lesson sa bawat tao na ndi dapat aksayahin ang buhay at wag sumuko sa lahat ng bagay……..

  36. she says:

    I love this movie much! Very sad ending nga lang but.. Have more lesson.. umiyak ako on this.. thumbs up for the director and casts also to the uploader of this movie.. nakanood kami ng libre.. :)

  37. how sadstory ! evry ones related this movie .. life is too short ..
    so lov someone who deserves you ! great movie i enjoy watching :))

  38. jean jupio says:

    thanks…..i really like it grabe namugto mata .more power i love ittttt

  39. vanessa says:

    ang sakit pag alam mong mawawala at hindi mo na makikita ang taong mahal mo habang buhay..kaya kong may tym para sa isat-isat,ipadama mo at ipakita sa knya na mahal mo xa,at mahalaga xa sau..kasi life is so short..great movie nakakaiyak..

  40. Judee says:

    Thank you so much sa pag upload. Grabe sumakit ulo sa kakaiyak.Love the movie.

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