Four Sisters and a Wedding

Star Cinema’s initial movie offering for its 20th anniversary celebration shares the story of the Salazar siblings namely Teddie (Toni), the eldest, who works as a teacher in Spain; Bobbie (Bea), who is now successful in New York; Alex (Angel), the third child who is a Manila-based independent film assistant director; Gabbie (Shaina), a school teacher who lives at home together with their mother; and CJ(Enchong) the youngest child who put all his sisters in shock when he announced that he is going to marry his girlfriend for three months, Princess.
After a few years of not being together as a whole family, Teddie, Bobbie, Alex, and Gabbie come together for the wedding and have agreed to dissuade their baby brother from marrying his fiancée. But as they interact with each other for the wedding, the Salazar siblings also face the feelings and issues they’ve tried to keep for the longest time.



  1. jona says:

    cute, i like it, good and beautiful cast

  2. MelodY says:

    Maraming Salamat po Sa pag upload :) The Best Kayo! :) Love It! <3

  3. emmark says:

    nkakatawa na nakakaiyak pa. perfect for the family.

  4. Juliane04 says:

    Good for the family….all in one movie! Nood na!!!!

  5. Iggy says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. It was a great movie. Nakatawa at maraming luha sa bandana huli. Just love the movie.
    Maraming salamat uli sa pag share.

  6. Emherald joi g ragasa says:

    Ganda mo talaga toni

  7. liza says:

    hehe ng cute naman ni Connie Reyes sa gown nya..katuwa!!nice movie!!

  8. judy tamondong says:

    ang galing ng mga acting nila….grabe!!! nktapos akong manood ng pinoy movie…..galeng nilang lahat….galeng din ng nag uplod!! tulo uhog ko dito….

  9. paula says:


  10. cinco says:

    this movie is really good. The one who directed and made this Filipino movie is very professional because it mirrors the life of Filipino families, so many people relates.

  11. cah says:

    ganda ng movie katuwa thumbs up ;)

  12. macaco says:

    wowwwwww 100% super ganda,na iyak tuloy ako.more movies star cinema..

  13. pogiako says:

    ang ganda ng movie iiyak tapos tatawa.. salamat sa uploader bakit ang galing galing mo namang masyado??

  14. Mhae Soriano says:

    Parang story namin magkakapatid!the best acting nilang lahat!

  15. jessyn durana says:

    great movie napaiyak ako nung crying epeisode na… :D

  16. diane says:

    o my gosh this is one of the best movie that i’ve ever watch..

  17. ERICA nunez says:

    wow angel locsin panolo gusto ko un part dun kinalagkad si mocha love it hahahahahahah

  18. jorbelle says:

    .,ang ganda talaga,sarap ulit-ulitin..,.,woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow.,

  19. faye says:

    good movie! thumbs up!!! thank you

  20. bea'sNOW-huge-FAN says:

    I always like Bea because of JLC, but in this movie, I am now a huge fan of hers! She shines like a diamond in this movie! She is Star Magic’s queen!

  21. ShailaRagot says:

    promise! naawa ako kay teddie ha, kasi puro siya nalang tinitira, ng mga bayag .. :(

  22. ShailaRagot says:

    hahaha .. ang kuli ni teddie, :) puro sabi na ” i am sure may baho yang mga bayag na yan ” haha ang kulit mo id0l !! cute mo!! :3

  23. ShailaRagot says:

    haha.. astig talaga ni id0l ko !! :) #HappinessIsGoodForUs

  24. vanessa tubat says:

    Nice movie nakakatawa na nakakaiyak rin..sana magla movie ulit sila apat

  25. jaja navarro says:

    ang cute ng part na cnab ni teddie na “oh my goodness ungkatan ng past… kapag bnalik ang past magugulo ang present. mmmm, cno ang present c princess, cno ang past?” lol… #laughtriplang

  26. kristine says:

    Very nice movie:-)

  27. Marie says:

    I really enjoy watching this movie…..ITS really gréât actress all of them.and congrat sa Director good job

  28. Luisa Santos says:

    This is an excellent movie. The story is very well written and the casting is great. Thank you so much for making this movie available to be watched for free.

  29. kathy says:

    thank you admin for fixing the clear version

  30. milliaml lee habli says:

    Thank you for sharing this to everyone specially to the OFWs. It is such a wonderful and very entertaining Pinoy movie, a mxture of laughter and tears, yet so full of Filipino family values.

  31. jaja navarro says:

    i wanna watch it agen but sadly it has been removed. admin I hope u could share it agen. thx. godbless

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