I Love You, Goodbye

After moving in with wealthy surgeon Adrian (Gabby Concepcion), lower-class Lizelle (Angelica Panganiban) struggles mightily to overcome the unbearable tension she encounters with his rebellious daughter (Kim Chiu), uncaring mother (Liza Lorena) and seemingly perfect ex-wife (Angel Aquino). This poignant Filipino drama co-stars Derek Ramsay as Gary, Lizelle’s former boyfriend who relentlessly pressures her to get back together.



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    ang ganda ng story thums ups…

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    Thank you so much for uploading this movies, it really ease the pain of being away from our country. I loved watching Filipino movies, feels like im at home. Maraming Salamat po!

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    Good quality movie. Highly recommended. Thanks for sharing this video.

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    A moving love story. Being in love is the most beautiful thing that could ever happen to a person!
    Thank you so much, I enjoyed watching :-)

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    may similarity sakin tong movie..and im emotionally and accepting kung anu ang kapalaran..has loved, and more than they should..

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    ganda nman..

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    im so emotionally when im watching this, parang sa totoong buhay.

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    nice :)

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    nice.. :) favorite ko c angelica e..

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    ang laki ng ulo ni gabby, parang may hydrocephalus

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    wow nakakaiyak naman.super drama,ang ganda.thank you for giving me a chance to watch this movie…

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    ,,wow!! nice movie,,

    tnx sa pag upload..

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    its my 1st time watch here now..hope its good one thou..but tnx for this site..:)

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    Nice movie kya lng phinto hinto.

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    I love these movies i’m not a filipino but love to watch them i was hoping to watch with subtitles lmao

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    so sad…

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    I super duper mega love this movie :)

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    salamat sa post ang ganda ng story… pero ang vongga ni gabby nka partner nya ang batang si angelica kakaloka!!! ahahahah

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    tlgang da best ang star cinema at ibang klase ang abs-cbn sa pag gawa ng quality movies, bigatin pa ang mga artista. im proud and salute for all the projects they made, nkk relate ka at nangyayari tlaga sa real life. thanks!

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    it is a great movie,,medyo bitin lng sa ending…..huh

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    its nice,..

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    nice movie..thanks uploader.upload more movies plsssss more power

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    ..heart breaking..T_T

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    its sad

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    nice movie.. tnx uploader more movie pls..

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    such a great movie. :) pag-ibig.pag-ibig,pag-ibig :)

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    hi ang ganda ni kim chu.

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    ang panget neto. haha. ang bagal at walang kakwenta kwenta ang story.

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    kainis katangahan eh, okay na buhay nya dumating pa bwisit na ex.

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    may moral lesson. ganda ng story.

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    ganda ng story..thanks for this one…more movies please

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    kaiyak nman true love

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    nice movie thank u

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