I’ll Be There

Maxi dela Cerna, a young, aspiring New York-based fashion designer who returns to the Philippines shortly after her mother’s death to find her father. She had been swindled by her ex-boyfriend and hopes to pay off her debts by selling the piece of provincial land that her parents co-owned. But this means spending time with her father whom she hates for walking out on her and her mother 15 years ago. As the uptight and guarded Maxi struggles to immerse herself in farm life and deal with a father she despises, she crosses paths again with Tommy, her childhood friend, now an architect who is trying to heal from his own mistakes in the past with his 7-year-old son. Will a daughter full of pain and anger be able to forgive her father? Will a father be able to heal the deep wounds in the heart of his daughter? And how will a woman who had very painful experiences with men she had loved be able to open her heart to loving again?



  1. gennieann says:

    sana maiuplod mo rin ung you to me are everything…tpos ung till my heartaches end…tnx

  2. Jorge Clueknee says:

    I love watching Filipino movies……But
    Please have english subtitles to all your movies.


  3. Pele.Lewis says:

    Its a beautiful story,but if can show subtitle as well,as I’m not really understand most of Tagalog.I’m Samoan living in NZ and love watching Philipines movies,so I need to know how I can get English Subtitle of this movie.I know a few words of Tagalog from some Philipines friends at work but still struggle to understand as the actors and actresses talk too fast.

  4. lhexs says:

    paupload din po ng Shake rattle and roll..any episodes po.tnx!

  5. admin says:

    Some of them don’t have it that I find online. I add subtitles to all of my uploads though

  6. khazandra says:

    pahinto hinto peo maganda

  7. Gilly says:

    I likes to watch tagalog movies,.. english subtitles pls..i can’t understand..

  8. qiane may says:

    it’s a very good movie…the main character (kc) reveals her true emotions in this movie…just like what happened in real life…

  9. Pimps Dimps says:

    The story was good because Maxi changed her life in the farm of her father and they are getting close not like before when she was came home from New York just like she is spoiled in time and she always makes mad to her father and to everyone around her…. KEEP IT UP!!…

  10. josie says:

    Like the cast, am a Gabby-Sharon fan way back, sana kasama si Shawee pero ok lang… good story. It would be better if there’s no pause frm time to time. It’s worth watching though. Thank you and more power.. :)

  11. lian18 says:

    gnda,.pra s mgama,..gling,..sana c piolo nlng kprtner n kc,…

  12. Samuel says:

    I like to watch phillipine movie,theyt have good story. Espicialy pangako sa yo.

  13. sheryl says:

    wow idol ko n c kc ngaun after watching this movie….galing nya grabe…..bagay sa kanya and den napakaganda pangholywood ang beauty nya….syempre c jericho ang cute…..

  14. jeff says:

    salamat po,napakagandang pilikula.

  15. choco says:

    thanks ng marami who made this site.. super nakakatulong kau sa mga nasa ibang ibayo.. kc nababawasan ung pag ka miss namin sa pinas. pag na kaka panuod kami ng mga pinoy movie’s ….

  16. erna says:

    nice to watch father and daughter it feels real true feelings not acting in the story,i become fan of jericho rosales keep it up jericho!!i enjoy watching your rules as an actor..god bless..

  17. ana says:

    very nice movie…

  18. ROSE says:

    papanuorin ko sana, kaya lng gusto ko full screen,, eh hndi nmn pwde ifull scree, wg na nga lng, tsk!

  19. yolly luar says:

    This is the kind of there true story inreal life,,,maganda, thank you very much for the uploader, more power to you,whant you to know you make us happy, especially to us who is far from our country,,,once again thank you……

  20. alma atienza says:

    ganda ng movie parang based on their true to life story, I love it galing nilang mag-ama sana sharon and gabby naman tapos will base din sa true to life story nilang dalawa. Thanks for sharing this video.

  21. nitz says:

    it’s a nice story..

  22. kate says:

    the story s about the father the daugther.. prang true story sya.. the daugther hates her father coz her father left dem..

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