Inang Yaya

Inang Yaya is a 2005 movie, which a nanny, Norma (Maricel Soriano) has to choose between Ruby (her daughter) or Louise (the girl who she takes care of). Inang Yaya means ‘Mother Nanny’ in English. The movie is a touching film about a woman who has to choose between two girls. But she couldn’t choose who.



  1. flor says:

    ganda ng movie na to….thank you sa pag upload

  2. Ruvi says:

    ok n rin kahit papaano,,,,, in reality kc medyo nkakarelate ang madlang people db…….

  3. flor says:


  4. Eliza Body says:

    ganda ng movie nakakaiyak.

  5. Sha says:

    Nakakaiyak naman :(

  6. aimee says:

    kakaiyak..nkarelate ako d2..sobra..

  7. Gyn says:

    Super LIKE! Kakaiyak.

  8. zyra says:

    ang ganda po sobra thanks po nakaralete :D

  9. Rose says:

    grabeh kakaiyak :’(

  10. jessie says:

    The two girls in the movie are very good in acting!

  11. kyle says:

    galing umarte ng mga bata

  12. Bianx says:

    the story is very simple yet… very touching… this kind of movie is what we really call a MOVIE… with substance ;)

  13. Icy says:

    grabe naiyak ako dito..:(

  14. Amy802 says:

    Hi i’m filipino movie fan as i’m not filipino i dont understand the laugauge
    so it possible to watch movies with subtitles on it ????

  15. sophia says:

    i agree with Amy802 i too am not a filipino but i love watching these movies, some do have subtitles and am truly thankful but would appreciate it if they all had the option.

  16. sjc_azgirl says:

    thank you po sa pag upload..

  17. cess says:

    how can i forget this movie?????????? its so memorable for me. i always remember my mother.

  18. noemiediaz says:

    sana mahalin ntin ng sobra ang mga nanay ntin

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