Kasal Kasali Kasalo

Jed (Ryan Agoncillo) is on the brink of leaving the Philippines to join his family in America when a run-in with the perfect woman, Angie (Judy Ann Santos), changes everything. A speedy proposal sends both families reeling and sets the stage for a rocky marriage. This romantic comedy from director and co-writer Jose Javier Reyes also stars Gloria Diaz, Gina Pareño, Ariel Ureta, Juliana Palermo and Derek Ramsey.



  1. emily says:

    love this movie very much…juday and ryan agoncillo yata ito…

  2. tin says:

    very nice movie.. except the fact lang n kailangan pang mangaliwa na parang ulam lang daw na tumikim lang ng iba. hay naku.

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