Hilario grows up to be Professor Larry (Vic Sotto), a physics teacher. When fate and duty calls, he transforms as Lastikan who protects people from injustice and oppression. Things become perplexing when Lastikamn was involved with the clash of his two students. His nerdy student Jepoy (Jeffrey Quizon) who used to idolize him turn to a villain called Evil Stryker. To make matters worse, news spread that Lastikaman beats up Jepoy and kills Ryan (Ryan Eigenman). This disheartens Lastikman. He now contemplates if he’ll remain to be a superhero or just an ordinary & simple man.

Part 1

Part 2



  1. LEY says:

    ano TO 15 MINS LANG

  2. Jeff says:

    After the first 15 minutes, the movie will continue.

  3. Jay says:

    komedyante pla si vic sotto? di nga lang ako natatawa, more like nakakainis.

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