Let The Love Begin

In the halls of high school, Pia (Angel Locsin) has it all, with enough beauty and wealth to turn every guy’s head. Meanwhile, Eric (Richard Gutierrez) has all the brains and the heart — but not enough cash to lead a life of luxury. Forced to work as a janitor by day and study in a scholarship program by night, he admires the young girl from afar. Are they destined to stay in their separate worlds, or will their different paths one day merge?

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  1. airene says:

    Perfect! Galing talaga ng Chardgel! DaBest! :D

  2. Pegie says:

    I love to watch filipino movies dahil ito ay sariling atin at ipag malaki natin hangang wagas

  3. ching says:

    Angel is really beautiful…and this movie is awesome!

  4. Kaye says:

    Cutest lovestory ever! In fairness ngaun lang ako kinikilig sa gma films. Peace! Haha. basta angel locsin the best talaga!:)

  5. wilderness says:

    angel is my idol,angel and richard the partner mach, their is anather movie.

  6. wilderness says:

    angel is my idol,angel and richard the partner mach, i hope their is another new movie.

  7. dennis ocampo says:

    one of my top 5 favorite movies….i love you angel.:))

  8. wilderness says:

    this is the best movie,i hope some more movie.ty.(“,)

  9. jackielou says:

    i like this movie..the best 4 me

  10. marcynton says:

    Please eng sub!!!!

  11. waihin says:

    i love this movie .. plz where i can download or watch with eng sub ? some 1 help me

  12. jeff says:

    mas maganda sana kung mapanood sya ng deretso di putol-putol,pero thank you pa rin.

  13. shanna crystal says:

    nice :)))))))) bagay cla… ung dalwang loveteam :)

  14. poppylisse says:

    This movie has truly touched me. Brought me back wondrous memories, not exactly the same though. Loved how the whole story went. Indeed, a must watch. It became my favorite right after. I’ve watched it multiple times and still get the same reaction. I never get tired of watching it. This one’s not blurry at all. The clearest version I’ve seen, so far. Greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot! So glad i can understand them. =)

  15. kenneth says:

    ganda talaga ng movie nato,kakataba ng puso!

  16. angel says:

    i really like this movie talaga ang gandang ulitulitin <3 bagay kasi sila ehh pati si richard crush ko na kasi cute sya

  17. zyra says:

    super ganda po Palagi ko tong nakikita kasi ang ganda ehh thanks po god bless! ;)

  18. abigael nito says:

    its really nice the movie many times ko to pinanuod sana yung crush ko sa work maging saviour ko din hehehe

  19. nadine says:


  20. Prince Niel says:

    wow sobra nakakainlove ang sarap mgmahal, may aral kang matutunan. thanks 2 all

  21. lala8610 says:

    Beautiful love movie!!

  22. JHOYe says:

    ang ganda sobra!! :D da best :D

  23. Jin says:

    galing ni RIchard nakaka inspire ung buhay nya sa movie na to..

  24. ang ganda ..!! naman So Cute !!… Ang cute nih angel nung .!! high school plang cla..!

  25. i really love this movie

  26. mhenmer_berdaje says:

    love angel!!!!!!!!!!!!lm moh super crush kita ikw ang ng iisang superstar ng cinima love u iwhish sucseefull ung lovelife moh godbless!!!!!!

  27. Nice Movie
    Ganda ah ng storya

  28. astig talaga kahit ilang beses ulitin …. simula noon hanggang ngayon da best pa din talaga…

  29. geneSerna says:

    still watchng it in 2013 and still the best..

  30. niffam says:

    i love angel and richard movies,,bagay sna cla..hehe.ang gwapo2 ni richard

  31. badetski says:

    i like this movie….

  32. I really like this movie!

  33. nebula says:

    basta angel and richard ang tambalan go na go talaga. Wala talaga akong masasabi basta silang dalawa ang pair hit na hit ang movie. GO NA TALAGA ITO INTO THE HIGHEST LEVEL..!! [SPEECHLESS]:D

  34. jami says:

    the best talaga sana may malagay din na marvin and jolina most requested movies in youtube kasi

  35. Yunnie says:

    Ano title ng mga songs ?? please reply ??? :) Yung 3 ibat ibang songs ? :)

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