Mano Po 6: A Mother’s Love

Widowed and then eventually cast out by her late husband’s family, who regards her as inferior because of her mixed heritage, Melinda Uy (Sharon Cuneta) struggles for years before becoming a wealthy and influential businesswoman. Separated by her hostile in-laws from three of her four children, Melinda finds she must intervene when she learns that one of her daughters has become engaged to a handsome but sinister man.



  1. Maria says:

    “Mano Po 6 (A Mother’s Love)” is truly an AWESOME film! I applaud everyone that made this film possible. I truly appreciate this movie and hope to see more like it. Thank you Philippine industry for making another movie that is neither corny nor cutesy.

  2. Leony says:

    I really love this movie it’ not boring. Your focus really to the movie and you don’t want to missed any scene. I like Sharon and most of good actresses is on the film. It’s worth it to watch the movie! Keep up the good work.

  3. Lorraine says:

    i like it so much. i love you so much.

  4. ramos says:

    thank you very much WFM.COM

  5. elizabeth says:

    lata ko ng napanood,,,wowwwww super iyak ako,,,really a mothers love,,,i love u Shawie,,,

  6. Linda says:

    thank you so much…I like it.

  7. joan says:

    luv the movie ganda:-)

  8. sakura_1988 says:

    very nice movie..

  9. juliet says:

    maraming salamat sa movie ^^

  10. arceli says:

    wow ang ganda naman ng kwento ng mapo po 6. congratz

  11. lei says:

    its a great movie, family and love, i really like it.

  12. jen says:

    grabe sobrang touching..nkkarelate ako kc same kmi ng situation. i love it..

  13. Tina says:

    Mano Po 6(A Mother’s Love), a truly spectacular film!!! I hope to see more films like this one with only the best performance by the best movie stars!!! More power to the Philippine Movie Industry!

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