Loving husband Lino (Piolo Pascual) is on a mission: His wife, who works as a domestic in Milan, is missing and he’s determined to find her. To do so, he enters Italy illegally and takes cover as one of the hundreds of Filipino migrant workers who make their way to Europe. But when he finds himself falling for the beautiful and opportunistic Jenny (Claudine Barretto), a maid who’s agreed to help him in his quest, Lino’s search hits a snag.

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  1. Adela Irene Yu Diaz says:

    How come it doesn’t run? All the new ones don’t run.

  2. Jeff says:

    They do run…you just have to give it a few seconds because the new videos aren’t cut up

  3. Adela Irene Yu Diaz says:

    I gave it an hour but it still didn’t run.

  4. hard says:

    ayaw naman mag run kainis gusto ko pa naman manood

  5. Jeff says:

    What is your location? There might be a problem because YouTube sometimes blocks movies from certain locations.

  6. rena says:

    hey try to fix this movie.this is a nice movie fix it ASAP..thank you

  7. monina gacula says:

    maganda talaga and I like it very much. magalin g si piolo at matalino pa, mahusay at mapagbiro din.

  8. monina gacula says:

    Bilib talaga ako kay piolo

  9. Wendy says:


  10. wemdy says:

    in your eyes claudine anne and richard you can watch it in youtube.its a great it

  11. pinky says:

    i really wanted to watch this movie, MILAN but connection are poor no vedio also..

  12. conrado pascual says:

    ang galing galing ni piolo keep it up..idol

  13. john edward says:

    ang ganda ng kwento nakaka inluv..

  14. rejs says:

    di rin gumana sakin.. di po ba talga pwde pag nasa europe?

  15. respectdifference says:

    wow payat pa ni ms. claudine

  16. rima says:

    one complain about the love scene, madilim kase kaya di ko naappreciate lols.. all in all it was a superb movie no doubt it. salute to piolo and claudine although late na hahaha..

  17. Michelle says:

    love the movoie…thanks

  18. Eliza Body says:

    hirap tlagang magwork sa ibang bansa at malayo sa mga minamahal mo mabuhay ang mga 0fw…nice movie.

  19. Mc Joe Lopez says:

    this is my favorite film tlga…it’s inspire work hard and strive hard in life..Keep it up..Piolo Pascual and Claudine Barretto..

  20. gloria says:

    grave…..paulet ulet ako 2012 na pinanonood ko prin toh super gnda ng movie tlga gling ni cludine at [piolo ditoo best movie for me….

  21. Miswah says:

    Ciao! Just finished watching “Milan”. Nirepeat ko anyway. I want to see the beauty of Milan, Italy because I’m planning to go there maybe next year after my contract here. Sana matupad at makahanap ako ng work na maayos don. Hope to be a successful one at sana doon ko na rin mahanap ang magiging future husband ko. Overall, love the movie sooo great! I’m a fan of Piolo. Claudine also is a good actress. Keep it up! :)

  22. jenivv says:

    dko po cya ma play why

  23. warren says:

    Favorite ko tlg itong movie n to.. dto ng umpisa lht.. thx god s lht…

  24. warren says:

    Favorite ko tlg itong movie n to.. dto ng umpisa lht.. thx god s lht

  25. blackirish says:

    i really love this movie.. college pa kami ng mrs ko ng napanood namin eto at hindi kmi nagsasawa panoorin to.. superb performance by all of the actors.. cheers!!

  26. Rose says:

    Mahal Mo Ba Ko Dahil Kailangan Mo Ko? O Kailangan Mo Ko Kaya Mahal Mo Ko? Great Movie :)) Thanks!

  27. Candy says:

    Maganda !! Ko talagang gusto ang pelikulang ito, at pag-ibig ang lahat ng Piolo’s mga pelikula. I’ve seen this along time ago, pero ako karaniwan sa see it again. Great job Piolo, and Claudine!! :-)

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