My Big Love

After his dream girl, fetching columnist Ninia (Kristine Hermosa), rejects rotund pastry chef Macky (Sam Milby), he hires personal trainer Aira (Toni Gonzaga) to help him shape up — and they soon fall for each other in this witty Filipino tale. To support her family, Aira takes a job abroad, and when she runs into Macky two years later, she finds a slim chick magnet — who’s forced to choose between Ninia and Aira, who loved him unconditionally.



  1. nurul says:

    hi its great that u have this website for movie lovers like me. Unfortunately im not filipino and dont understand tagalog, and they are many of us who enjoy Filipino movies out there. So im begging u to have english subtitles. TQ again

  2. admin says:

    Actually I have a copy of My Big Love with subtitles. I will set it up for you as soon as I can. This is a poor copy that isn’t mine.

  3. jhen says:

    bakit ayaw magplay niitong last part ng movie?ngloloading lang pero ayaw gumana

  4. ren says:

    tumawa, umiyak st kinilig ako sa movie na ito!!! ang galing!!! :)

  5. sj says:

    niceee. ty po.

  6. Maryland says:

    very nice this video, love comedy mpvies nakakakilig talaga nohh. ilove it.

  7. momochan says:

    kinlig ako dn ah ang ganda.thanks po

  8. aileen says:

    nice movie….romantic-comedy nga. brings the past memories…hahaha!

  9. Karlyn says:

    admin pls download more movies naman ni toni and sam, like you are the one and you got me plsssssssssss. and also more richard gutierrez movies plssssss.. thanks sooo much for this website. I am a filipino in the UK so it feels like home wwhen watching these movies.. also i was wondering when you will be able to have here Wont last a day.. Gerald and Sarah G movie? many many thanks xxx

  10. Lady M says:

    ang cute!!! tnx for sharing… Step5: Be Happy!!!

  11. browneyedgirl says:

    This movie is so cute and so inspiring. it’s true that if u really love someone you’ll love that person because who he/she is from the inside and not just what they look like out side because that could always change. :) thank you again for this wonderful movie.

    (Ruby)brown_eyes_girl ;)

  12. Rose says:

    Hankyuut :) hahaha,, love it! Ako Mataba din Asawa Ko, Kahit Nung Nagkakilala Kami, Pero Minahal Ko Pa Din Sya Ng Sobra,, my big love :)))

  13. perl says:

    wow,,,kinilig ako sa movie na to..and im so thankful sa site nyo..more power to you!

  14. faizajack2005 says:

    super lyk it,,ty admin.. pa allow naman po kau na pde i download movie nyo ,,,

  15. mga plastik kyo nho!!
    e ayw nga gumana n2 tpos sa2bhin nyo
    kinilig kyo..

  16. beach_man12 says:

    i love toni gonzaga.. i’m inlove with her! husay niya :)

  17. Jenina says:

    I love this movies. Pls. upload more movies of Toni and Sam.
    And FYI Jhayceealarcon THis movie is working you must be patient next time or something is wrong with your computer.

  18. wel ,, its another romantic movie !! :) great !
    best lovteam / super kilig ….. i enjoy watching .. one more …..

  19. riz says:

    super kilig, indeed f u luv somebody no matter who he /she is well not matters……acceptance is the best to have a succesful relationship…..

  20. Jedcha says:

    Nakakakilig naman itong movie na ito…grabe! Pinakanagustuhan ko ito sa lahat ng romcom na napanood ko…promise:)Sayang ngayon ko lang napanood ito…

  21. emskie says:

    GREAT… short comment but MEANINGFUL… :)

  22. Angelo says:

    ,sarap balikan ang Movie nito… i love the tandem sana merun pa silang movie together ok na ok ang tandem nila bagay na bagay pa! kaya 100 THUMPS UP!

  23. yolly Luar says:

    grabe ang tagal kong natapos to pinag tsagaan ko kasi magan da kahit pain in the ass ang pag kaka record, pa putol putol at stop ng stop,,,, hayyyyyy

  24. joy anza says:

    guni guni gusto kung Makita ayw mag play hai na lng

  25. shaila says:

    haha. kakatawa.. tinikman niya na pala.. :)

  26. shaila says:

    ang cute ng sMiLe ni ate Tin.. ;)

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