My House Husband: Ikaw Na!

The story revolves around a married couple, Mia (Judy Ann Santos) and Rod (Ryan Agoncillo) who had a bunch of problems and endless arguments since that Rod resigned from his job and made her wife to find another one and he will take charge household chores and taking care of their children. With Mia always away, Rod met their new neighbor named Aida (Eugene Domingo), hereupon and the two developed their friendship. Will Mia know this? If she did, how they are going to solve this?



  1. sweety says:

    nice movie, kaya lang bitin..

  2. sweety says:

    nice movie’ kaya lang bitin..wala part two?

  3. nimfa says:

    nice movie napaka ganda…nakaka aliw galing mo talaga idol judyann

  4. raquel says:

    the story is amazing good movie for the family..!

  5. joan says:

    ganda i enjoy it!!!

  6. yosamsomar says:

    ganda naman d lan pmpamilya, pang barkadas pa… nice one, congrats mr. $ mrs. agoncillo

  7. great movie :) gud for everybody !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    one more . hahaha nc :)

  8. nice it!!!ang ganda talaga ni idol ate judy ann <3 <3 :)

  9. Kimie says:

    gustong gusto ko ang movie na to

  10. Baltazar says:

    I like this movie some of the part is funny

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