My Valentine Girls

The story of the movie My Valentine Girls is quite simple. Richard is a novelist who wants to write the perfect love story. The movie will then tell the trilogy of stories.


This episode takes the title literally and tells of a relationship between a girl and a ghost. Richard Gutierrez and Rhian Ramos will be involved in a vehicular accident which will lead to Richard’s death. But he will appear to Rhian as a ghost ask her to help him get to his family.


I am guessing this acronym stands for Best Boy Friend Forever, but I might be wrong. Anyway, Richard will play the role of a lawyer who propose to his best friend played by Survivor Philippines castaway Solenn Heussaff. But Solenn just wants then to remain friends. She then sets Richard up with Lovi Poe and the two seems to be getting on fine. Is Solenn regretting setting them up?


This romantic comedy episode might be thought of as a filler but I bet this will be the best episode of the movie and will be remembered the most. In this episode, Richard is left with Eugene Domingo, the last woman on earth. They are the only humans left after a worldwide disaster and Eugene is convincing Richard that they should make love in order to save the human race.



  1. shyn tabrett says:


  2. Jagil P.Potes says:

    Ang ganda nitong movie na 2….

  3. kat says:

    i love the 1st story with rhian ramos.. they pair off so well. they look good together. it looks real what they have between them.. :) rhian is so pretty at di nakakasawa ang beauty. very natural.

  4. ionah salupen says:

    marvelous!!!! fantastic.

  5. Abi says:

    Love it

  6. chona says:


  7. JhonAldrin says:

    i like this movie film.

  8. kimbely ann anna delacruz says:


  9. emiluz says:

    haizt… ang ganda ng movie.. cute ni rhian

  10. EKAHH says:


  11. loka:) says:


  12. leah says:

    paborito ko ang part 3. kaloka!

  13. KA says:

    i adore Uge!!! absolutely funny!! at, ang gwapo naman ni Chard!!!

  14. Hong 10 says:

    grabe si lovi,kahit na ospital na naka make up pa rin lol…pelikulang pinoy talaga…

  15. michelle says:

    ung story ni rhian … copied from foreign movie – just like heaven..

  16. diane says:

    grabeeee ang swerte ni eugene domingo!! ahahahaha kiss kung kiss tlga!!! nakaka ingit!!

  17. rod says:

    O YEAH!!!its so COOL!!!
    dis MOVIE is d BEST!!!

  18. lexy says:

    hahaha nakakatawa yung ke chard at uge…Pero mas bagay sa kanya c Rhian pareho clang classic

  19. ang ganda ng valentine girls

  20. Alexa says:

    part 3 of this movie is like a copy of “I Am Legend” with Will Smith. If you guys have seen that:)

  21. minemaanmanilynanthony says:

    ang ganda talaga ang swerti mo eugine ,,,

  22. vincent says:

    grabe lupit tlga ni boss richard idol na kita sana ma meet kita boss vincent ng malabon lahat ng pelikula mu sinubaybayan ko galing mu kc tlga eh

  23. eliza body says:

    nice movie nakawala ng homesick love the last one..

  24. shanna crystal says:

    wow!! d best!!! sper!!

    best quality ng vdeo, kumpleto pa..

    ang gnda p ng kwento..

    rnx sa nag upload d2..hehhe :)

  25. wow! the best talaga ang story
    very natural at very gwapo ne richard
    super kilig talaga

  26. judzkie says:

    hindi maganda c SOLENN…but infairness ang ganda ng movie.. gwapo talaga ni richard..

  27. commentsLIVE says:

    omg. parehas yung bahay ni rhianne ramos sa 8:01 at yung bahay ni julia montes sa movie ‘way back home!’

  28. joemar says:

    thanks a lot to uploader! really nice movie
    im hoping for many movies to be uploaded
    god bless..:*

  29. jhin says:

    sana lahat ng movies dto ganto kalinaw

  30. karriza says:

    gusto ko ung 1st story si Rhian at si Richard bagay silang dalawa ..hndi nakaksawa ang beauty ni Rhian ..:)

  31. mitch says:

    nice movie sana may part 2

  32. grace lour says:

    It`s so nice….I remember a lot of stories in mylife….thanks for the staff and stars of this movie.It inspires me to continue mylife,to make 1 step ahead from where I am right now.God bless you guys :D

  33. kelvin foyo says:

    ganda pala n2 grabe!!! :)

  34. misty says:

    part 1 (soulmates) has a similarity in a Hollywood movie “Just like in Heaven”.The comatose patient was a girl (a professional doctor).same accident,same scene..nice movie,don’t let our family to take out our life support if we encounter a comatose patient..just keep the faith.who knows,our souls are just passing by somewhere..god bless!!

  35. whaaaaaat says:

    ang ganda except dun sa last! :)

    ang baduy ni eugene domingo kadiri.. ewwww. yuuccccckkkk! >.<

  36. cristina says:

    i like d story…

  37. bored says:

    gosh!! yung part 3 with eugene was really funny! bang and the kiss ha .. super bongga eith chad!! awwwwwww

  38. do says:

    part 1 ng story kinopya sa hollywood movie na “just like Heaven” nyiiiii…

  39. ALJEAN says:

    grabe sobrang nakakatawa tong moving to

  40. Justin Ganit says:

    sayang hindi kna mapapanood nakaprivate na siya… idol ko pa nman c richard…. so sad….

  41. sey says:

    nice movie

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