Now That I Have You

Two strangers who board at the same station to commute on the MRT form an unlikely bond in this drama. Hopeless romantic Betsy thinks Michael is her ideal mate — until the two actually meet and she discovers he’s not the perfect man she’d imagined. Nonetheless, she falls in love with him, and as events unfold that threaten their relationship, Betsy and Michael must come to accept each other’s differences or go their separate ways.



  1. Say says:

    I been looking for this movie for so long….thanks for uploading…this is the third time that i watched this….enjoy pa din panoorin, bea-john lloyd forever, the best love theme talaga!!!

  2. Candy says:

    This is my second time watching. I talaga agree best love theme to ako . Bea n John lloyd!!!

  3. mary says:

    maganda nga talaga.the best

  4. jennifer says:

    I really want to watch all the romantic movies but they never work…sometime cut off its so frustrating!!!!

  5. jhun says:

    ayos ah, feeling ko bumata uli ako,mahal na kita bea

  6. kenneth says:

    waw na kaka inlove naman.

  7. diosalyn says:

    cut nmn yung video, kapag nag log-in ka sa facebook, unavailable na yung page. nkkdisappoint kc excited ka mapanuod video tas putol.

  8. erna ross says:

    why is it that someof this episode is available to watch and then scrolling down to number 5 is all unavailable to watch, wat is wrong with this people who uploading this movie that isnt totally fully to watch all of it..this is uncool movie..whoever who made some of this episode is unavaliable due to privacy is sucks..shouldnt be allowed entirely..craps..

  9. tin says:

    please set all videos available to all viewers. it says it is unavailable ’cause it might have been removed or due to its’ privacy settings. please check. thanks.

  10. ghingskee pintac says:

    anu ba yan kabitin ,,? bkit not available na un nxt part???ganda sana….

  11. nica says:

    bkit nman putol…….

  12. melissa says:

    bea-john lloyd loveTEAM the best

  13. jhorie says:

    bakit putol ? :((

  14. sharmirei says:

    nakikiusap lng po .. tagal ko na po napapanood ang movie na ito..kaya lng laging putol..maari po ba na paki upload nmn po yung kaputol..plss..plss lng po..kung di nmn po pwd..kht reply n lng po sa comment ko..thank you po..

  15. tin says:

    wala namang audio yung movie :(

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