Shake, Rattle and Roll 14 : The Invasion


An uncle leaves an inheritance to his nephews and nieces. Once the cousins are gathered for the reading of the will, they learn that their uncle does not only leave them a huge amount of money but he also wants them to have his collection of comic books. The cousins soon realize the horrors that the comics are capable of. This was written by Ricky Lee who also wrote the movie “Himala”.

Lost Command

A simple military operation, turns into carnage when a group of soldiers encounters an unexplained phenomenon in the jungle. The leader of the platoon, Martin Barrientos (Dennis Trillo), being the last man standing tries to combat his former men, who are now living dead, in one grueling battle for survival.


Hank and Kate, together with others who are holed up in a mall try to escape the sea-animal creatures that appeared following an explosion.



  1. jayson says:

    bwessiitt kakapikon walang maganda langya…lupet

  2. boyyob says:

    maganda yung story ng lost commander :)

  3. misscodes says:

    Maganda naman ha…

  4. angel says:

    uhmmmmmmm 5 star out of 10 ok na rin…

  5. Asiong says:

    Maganda naman khit papano

  6. deanjadeM! says:

    nkakatawa ang pamana..

  7. DION says:

    d aq natakot ehh natawa ako ahahah putek yan laptrp

  8. mareng says:

    badtrip bgal ng movie ptigil tigil!!

  9. ryan says:

    ang hina na server,,,,, nakaka antok pa un movie….

  10. julie anne v. says:

    haii..slmat..ntps ku rin..nkakatawa ng pamana..lost command nd unwanted..ganda!esp..unwanted nina vhong nd lovi..:)

  11. rj says:

    Mukang wala ng movie na malinaw. Dati pag after 6 months malinaw na.

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