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  • Kasal Kasali Kasalo

    Kasal Kasali Kasalo

    Jed (Ryan Agoncillo) is on the brink of leaving the Philippines to join his family in America when a run-in with the perfect woman, Angie (Judy Ann Santos), changes everything. A speedy proposal sends both families reeling and sets the stage for a rocky marriage. This romantic comedy from director and co-writer Jose Javier Reyes also stars Gloria Diaz, Gina Pareño, Ariel Ureta, Juliana Palermo and Derek Ramsey.

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  • Bakit ‘Di Totohanin

    Bakit ‘Di Totohanin

    Determined to win back the family boxing gym lost in a bet by her recently deceased grandmother, Katong (Judy Ann Santos) prepares to enter the ring with the guidance of her trainer, Paul (Piolo Pascual). Passions immediately ignite between the childhood friends as Paul trains the novice boxer. Although Katong refrains from revealing her current pursuits to her conservative father, all secrets are destined to come to the surface.

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  • Sakal Sakali Saklolo

    Sakal Sakali Saklolo

    First-time parents Angie (Judy Ann Santos) and Jed (Ryan Agoncillo) are figuring out how to raise their child as they go along. But when Jed goes on a business trip and Angie decides to join him, they learn some unexpected lessons about family. The couple leaves their baby with friends, but soon their mothers (Gloria Diaz and Gina Pareño) descend and take matters into their own hands, creating chaos. Now, Jed and Angie must unravel the mess.

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  • Jose Rizal

    Jose Rizal

    Award-winning actor Cesar Montano brings his dramatic talent to one of Philippine filmmaking’s most controversial movies of all time. The drama chronicles the life of political reformist and national martyr Jose Rizal, who was put to death for his role in the 1890s uprising against colonial power in the Philippines. Director Marilou Diaz Abaya’s stunning historical epic garnered more than 70 local and international filmmaking awards.

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