The Bride And The Lover

The Bride And The Lover revolves around three central characters. Phillip, a sought-after bachelor. Vivian, a rich young woman who is the sole heir to a profitable business empire. And Sheila, a lifestyle editor who is also Vivian’s friend. Vivian gets engaged to Phillip and are going to marry. However, on their wedding day, Vivial dramatically revealed the affair between Phillip and Sheila, causing a disastrous scandal. As a result of the incident at the supposed to be wedding day, Sheila and Vivian leave the country to try to cool off and forget the events of that day. Sheila returns home earlier than Vivian and reconciles with Phillip. They rekindle their love for each other and plan to marry. About the time they are going to get married, Vivian returns to the country and learns about the upcoming marriage. She then hatches a plan to ruin it the way Sheila ruined her own wedding day. That said, the events are turned the other way around. And more disastrous events ensue.



  1. paula says:

    very very very very very nice moview

  2. Nhel Yah says:

    walang KWENTA talaga tong mga taga GMA grrrrrrrrrrr…nonsense

  3. Nhel Yah says:

    Thank you sa effort nang nag POST :)

  4. great ! nc movie .. pampawala ng stress hhahah .. i enjoy watching :))
    ty 4 uploding ..

  5. macaco says:

    ok lng…

  6. Bella says:

    Nice movie.. :) Thanks for uploading. Keep it up.

  7. biancs :) says:

    gwapo lng c paulo avelino .. pro mga movie n gnyan hlos preprehas lng .

  8. shicam says:

    ok na rin pamatay oras haha

  9. murillo says:

    aybkt kau nanood?

  10. Leonora says:

    ok na sana kaso sa huli na-dismaya ako sa lalaki!wala man lang syang say sa lahat ng nangyayari.So parang second casting lang sya.Ang pangit!Hindi ko tuloy gusto ang storya.i will give 40% over all rating.

  11. Amelia V. Estonactoc says:

    Hindi maganda ang istorya. pero thaank you pa rin sir


  12. Amelia V. Estonactoc says:

    correction thank you I mean…

  13. alejandra says:

    OMG…GMA you rock for making these movie with two beautiful and talented artists. Good role for Jennelyn Mercado and Lovie Poe…Maganda ang istorya that two BFF let a man to destroy their friendship and clouded their judgement…Maraming lesson sa drama na ito..keep up the good work and thank you guys… :-)

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