The Mistress

The Mistress tells the story of Sari (Bea Alonzo), an optimistic suit maker who works hard for her large family. When she meets JD (John Lloyd Cruz), a drop-dead-gorgeous hotshot architect, she strongly rebuffs his offers for a date. What JD does not know is that Sari is a secret mistress of a rich benefactor named Rico Torres (Ronaldo Valdez).



  1. mhisia says:

    Thank-you super ganda ng movie ,,,like q talaga c bea at c John lioyd congratulation,,,,’^_^)

  2. emmark says:


  3. mm says:

    ang dami scenes na di parin nwala ang chemistry between jlc and bea…mas lalo ako napahanga bilang fan nila..

  4. yosamsomar says:

    the story nd the casts are guddahhhh exept the one. hu? secret… bka mhate ako ng mfa fans nya… he he he but i enjoy d movie

  5. JHEN says:


  6. its buffering….the movie always stop and stop…

  7. Clariza Isay Oshio says:

    Really nice movie …… khit paputol-putol sna next time pkifix nmn pra mas MAENJOY uin PNNOOD …… but thank-you ……… i enjoy it n learn more abt how 2 love n take care it ……… thank-you PINOY MOVIES !!!! I wish put some more pra mas mdmi kming mpanood …… MORE POWER !!!!!!! ;))))

  8. Clariza Isay Oshio says:

    Thank-you PINOY MOVIES !!!!!!!!!

  9. pinoy asswhole says:

    it is play pause play pause coz they cut it per minute… you fools don’t understand YOKO.. UNO.. it’s false.. it’s YOKO MANY….hahahhahahaha

  10. kim mira says:

    i like a lot but its beautiful i will never like it i love you guys

  11. jea says:

    nice movie thanks for uploading more power ,,^_^,,

  12. tom says:

    it really a good movie, its real, I think this is the first pinoy movie that I saw that it doesn’t have an happy ending…love to watch it again….

  13. she says:

    sobbing hard.very good story but could have a better title.

  14. graceann says:

    a very nice movie,i seldom watch tagalog film because for me the scripts on most tagalog films are so predictable and I hate watching those kinds. The MISTRESS is just the sixth tagalog film that I watch from start to end,and I got into it. Nice one keep up.

  15. anneri says:

    thanks u po im so kilig khit nakakaiyak….thanks again

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