Way Back Home

Jessica Santiago (Julia Montes) & Ana Bartolome (Kathryn Bernardo) are two sisters who have lived in separate lives for 12 long years. Jessie, though an excellent student, has grown to feel sorrow of Ana’s lost while Ana, not knowing that she’s an orphan, grew up in a far-flung fishing village. When they meet in a swimming competition, the Santiagos exert effort to bring Ana back. But when Ana returns home, Jessie feels more abandoned & lovelorn. With their relationship turning sour, Jessie‚Äôs life is terribly put in danger. In the end, the two sisters find home where their hearts truly lie.

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  1. joshbie says:

    grabi super ganda po talaga tuching movie thanks po and god bless ;)

  2. Rai says:

    nagbu2ff nman Amp !!!

  3. Why can’t I watch this movie? It won’t let me watch it…

  4. levita moralde says:

    this is a very good movie.. both amazing actresses :) thanks for posting this video xxx

  5. grabe huh pinaiyak n nman aqo…

  6. Frances Carla Mae F. Pascual says:

    Grabe ang ganda thank you po and god bless

  7. yan84 says:

    grabe na nakakaiyak naman tong movie na to.

  8. great ! very nice movie :) sucha wonderful trough to life story ..

  9. vanne laurenz T. bangalan says:

    wow its so so nice,wonderful movie good job po MGA IDOLS,, :), this movie made me little bit cry heheh such a very good movie kase :)

  10. ang ganda ng movie sobrang maganda…

  11. joahnna says:

    ganda sana kaso putol putol…

  12. timmy says:

    Pwedeng pakiayos naman ang pagdownload nyo bakit pag ganitong download na may mga alternative na video paputol putol buti pa yung mga previous na download nyo na hindi naman ganito mas ok pa syang panuorin kasi di putol putol, please paki improve naman I thought na ok yung ganito pero mali pala mas maganda yuung luma. thanks!!!

  13. ams says:

    i love ths movie..it’s rare to find such beautiful filipino movie^^

  14. ams says:

    in memory of AJ Peez..in fairness to Sam, he’s done it well, very natural..i luv kath and quen!

  15. bebelove says:

    sayang..maganda sana,,kaso lng palaging nag loloading..nkakainis kasi eh..:(

  16. jenny says:

    it was a very touching movie.Kathryn and Enrique are a cute couple!The’re perfect for each other!I hope many learned a lesson from this movie!

  17. Rhaine says:

    nice movie.. thanks to the uploader..

  18. jeana lang says:

    I enjoy watching filipino films soooo much but the frustrating part is very hard to find the ones with english subtitles especially for someone like me who cannot speak filipino..please help us..

  19. mashyphot21 says:

    kaiyak talaga:(

  20. Aubrey says:

    It Hardly Loads

  21. jaina may says:

    it made me cry :’( .. very touching movie .. good job ! upload more movie :)

  22. chiky says:

    ganda talaga ng way back home…….. 1000 times……….

  23. Arce Lapuz says:

    Grabe nakakaiyak di ko mapigilan

  24. alam mo damang dama ko na tapos bigla nalang mag loloading grr naudlot tuloy luha ko!tapos pag bibitawan na ni julia ang mga maiinit nyang linya nagloloading nanaman

  25. sahyanrose says:

    I luv this movie,,,,nkakaiyak!!!!

  26. zenaida says:

    Very entertaining!…thank you

  27. florence says:

    nice one

  28. Rolyn Mae Amen says:

    Grabe d mapigilan ang pag iyak ko

  29. ashley says:

    love to watch it pero naubusan ako ng pasensiya sa kaka-loading niya grabe sayang mukang napaka gandang movie panaman neto :(

  30. Juvy says:

    very touching movie. love it.. ilang beses akong naiyak.. thanks for uploading.

  31. khian says:

    alm mo ung kahit lalake ka mapapaiyak ka sa kwento ng movie very ganda solid haha

  32. Lynn says:

    Great Movie :) Very touching movie, Love It <3

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